Day Trips

Sopot is located between two large cities with rich history, cultural and entertainment offer.


  • The reconstructed Main Town in the baroque form
  • a museum of recent history of the city and country: Solidarity Centre
  • Zoo in a forest valley


  • The Aquarium exhibiting marine plants and animal species
  • Experyment Science Centre

They can be comfortably reached by the SKM train.


  • Oliva Park: a former palace and monastery garden, preserved between the Grunwaldzka, Opacka and Opata Rybińskiego streets 5km
  • Cliff in Orłowo: an active coastal cliff of 35m height, steeply ending the Płyta Redłowska plateau 5km


  • Stutthof Museum at the site of the former German concentration camp 70km
  • Słowiński National Park, Łeba 100km
  • Teutonic Castle in Malbork 75km
  • The Ostróda-Elbląg Canal – a historic inland canal with inclined planes and sluices, connecting the cities Elbląg 75km and Ostróda.

Hel can also be reached by car 85km, but also by ferry and train connections