Events 1st 3rd May 2019

From the 30th April on many performances, feasts and tournaments will be held. Admission to most of them is free. Detailed programme below:

27th April, Friday

Friends of Sopot Square, Bohaterów Monte Cassino St.

European Sopot – outdoor exhibition till 27th May

28th April, Saturday

12.00 Club-café Dwie Zmiany, 31/35 Bohaterów Monte Cassino St.

Parisian chique - little fashion design workshop (for children aged 5-10)

29th April, Sunday

12.30-16.00 Grodzisko Archeological Ground

„Napoleon Festival”
12.00 Napoleon infantry formation training for spectators
13.00 Military backpack equipment display
13.30 Food ration and field kitchen exhibition.
14.00 Display of a military surgeon equipment
15.00 Napoleon infantry uniform display
15.30 Womens' fashion of the era display
16.00 Scout skirmish, military tactics display

16.00 Bandshell by the Pier

Popular music concerts: Detko Band and Dorota Lanton "Love in Paris" concert

30th April, Monday

19.00 Theatre on the Beach, 2 Mamuszki St.

Soirée française: French songs concert by Justyna Szafran

21.00 BOTO Theatre

Blues Monday#103 / Blues jam session

1st May Tuesday

12.00-16.00 Friends of Sopot Square, Bohaterów Monte Cassino St.

Cirque Mosaic
12.00 moving activities
13.00 circus show with live music
13.40 giant soap bubbles
15.00 circus show Mosaic „Blanc ou noir”
15.30 circus workshop

12.00-15.00 Southern Park

croquet and boulé training

12.30-16.00 Grodzisko Archeological Ground

"Slavic day in Sopot burgwall"
12.30 Sand casting - Slavic symbols made of sand
14.00 Mass music-making with ancient instrumentation - drums

15.00 Bandshell by the Pier

Pyramid band concert

20.00 BOTO Theatre porch

The 4th unofficial Review of French Songs

2nd May Wednesday

beach entry no.23 near the pier

10.00-14.00  Open beach volleyball tournament, two-players teams sign-up from 9.00
11.00 BigYellowFoot „Sopot run with spinners” for children
12.00-14.00 May tournament of crown-cork game
12.00-14.00 May tournament of boule

11.30 Northern Park


12.00-15.00 Plac Przyjaciół Sopotu

Tennis training for children aged 4-12

12.00 Museum of Sopot

Guided historical sightseeing

12.30-16.00 Grodzisko Archeological Ground

"Medieval Festival"
12:00 Medieval warriors' armament display
12:30 Warriors tournament
13:00 Military formation training for spectators
14:00 Medieval clothing display
14:30 Ancient dance show with spectators participation
15:00 Ancient games

15.00 Spa Square

Zumba Marathon

17.00 Club-café Dwie Zmiany, 31/35 Bohaterów Monte Cassino St.

"French baguette" street theatre show

19.00 3 Sisters Club

"Under Paris sky concert”

21.00 digital outdoor projection

Jaś Rybak fountain Square
corner of Haffner St. and Majkowskiego St
a wall in the Podjazd St
Berger's Villa, 42 Obrońców Westerplatte St.

3rd May Thursday

11.30 Museum of Sopot

Patriotic Festival

11.30-15.00 outdoor exhibition, display of cars from the 20's and 30's, "How to search ancestors?"
12.30 A lecture on the historical cuisine
13.30 Workshops for children - Cotillion making

12.00-17.00 Grodzisko Archeological Ground

"Gothic day in Sopot burgwall"
12:00 Gothic javelin throw training
12:00 Gothic warcamp with daily utensils and military armament
13:30 Bow training
15:00 Display of a Gothic warrior equipment and a duel

13.00 Bus terminus by Forest Sanatorium, 105 23 Marca St.

A walk across burial mounds in the forest guided by Aleksandra Szymańska - Bukowska

16.00 Bandshell by the Pier

Popular music concerts: The Butterflies

16.00 Friends of Sopot Sq

Mass singing of patriotic songs

18.00 Sierakowskis' Manor, 12 Czyżewskiego St.

Chamber orchestra concert

4th May Friday

11.30 Museum of Sopot

Guided walk "On the trail of the protestants"

13.00-18.00 Open workshop of Marek Okrasa, 2 Podjazd St.

14.00 and 17.00 Performative reading „Secrets of Ecole de Paris” by Tomasz Olczak

5th May Saturday

16.00 Bandshell by the Pier

60-years of the Polish Rock Music concert

6th May Sunday

16.00 Bandshell by the Pier

Popular music concerts: Sopot Promenade Orchestra, Durys Band