The pier in Sopot is located on the prolonged axis of Bohaterów Monte Cassino St. opposite the Resort House at 6 Powstańców Warszawy St. The wooden part of the pier at 512 metres makes the longest wooden pier in Europe. Between the Resort House and the pier the public Treatment Square has been arranged. Entrance to the wooden part of the pier is ticketed form the 30th April till 30th September. Through this period of 2016 over a million visits were recorded. The pier is open 24 hours every day.

Ticket prices

Opening hours 8.00-23.00

  • Full price 9zł, reduced 4.5zł
  • 2 adults + 1 child: 19.00 zł
  • 2 adults + 2 children: 20.00 zł
  • 2 adults + 3 children: 21.00 zł
  • full price pass for 15 entries: 85.00 zł
  • reduced price pass for 15 entries: 40.00 zł

Opening hours 23:00-8:00

  • till 23rd June in weekends and holidays
  • daily during summer holidays
  • 9zł

Reduced tickets are available to children under the age of 16. Children under the age of 3 are entitled to free entry.

How to buy tickets?

at the main ticket office at the entrance:

  • all kinds of tickets
  • all methods of payment, invoices

at the white booth at the entrance:

  • all except for group tickets
  • payment by cards or phone

at the entrance gate:

  • only single full price tickets
  • only contactless RFID credit card payment


  • all except for passes, group tickets
  • immediate payment

The first segment of the pier is also called "The Pan". It is superposed on pillars that mark the passage between the north and south sides of the beach. On the platform outdoor cinema is held free of charge for pier visitors. From the 1st July movies introduced to cinemas during recent years are shown at 10pm regardless of current weather. In August they start at 9.30pm. About 200 deckchairs are available for spectators.

The main part of the pier is about 400m long and about 10m wide. Three wider sections of variable length are located at both sides of this part. They are equipped with benches. On this part of the pier "Slow Fest Sopot cuisine" festival is held. Gourmet servings are offered for 5zł

The third segment is a triangular head. Its deck is closer to water level to enable mooring of passenger vessels. The Hel peninsula may appear on the horizon at clear afternoons.


The first strolling quay was created during the days of Jean George Haffner, about the year 1827. It was used by passengers of fishing boats who would hire them for a cruise along the beach. This quay would be disassembled for winter. In consequence of consecutive extensions in 1886, 1896 and 1910, the quay became more and more permanent. It was about 315m long and about as wide as at present.

The last extension started in 1927. The triangular head and the southern arm, that was intended from 1880 were constructed. At the entrance, a wide panoramic platform was created and glass-illuminated gallery in front of it to delimit the Treatment Square from the beach.


Looking to the north one can see moraine hills with high-rise builfings in Kamienny Potok and Wielki Kack districts.; further north the cliffs of Orłowo. To the south one can see the tower of the Redemptor Church and waterfront residential buildings backed by hotels in Jelitkowo, Gdańsk. Further away a tall chimney of the coal plant, shipyard cranes and docks constructions of the northern port.

From 2012 on there is an outdoor theatre show named "Mololo" performed in front of the fountain on the Treatment Square. In 2013 it was performed by The Dreams Theatre, in 2014 The Sopot Dance Theatre, in 2015 street dancers, in 2016 and 2017 tricity actors directed by the tenant of the pier, Marcin Kulwas and Michał Derlatka, in 2018 various actors and dancers.