Metered parking zone

Parking along the street is metered in the centre form 9am till 10pm during weekdays. Parking on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays is free. In the centre there are also a few guarded parking lots and underground car parks.

How to use a parking ticket machine?

Payment for parking is charged by machines that accept coins. Payment may also be made after registration and bank transfer to skycash system, that allows further payments by SMS. The ticket from the machine or skycash system mobiparking badge must be displayed behind the vehicle's windscreen while the vehicle is parked. Parking for motorcycles and light vehicles is free. Parking on places for the disabled is free for holders of the disabled person parking card.

Administrative fee for unpaid parking time or not making the payment is 280 zł.

Single parking ticket prices

  1. parking up to 10 minutes - 1,00 zł
  2. the first hour - 4,50 zł
  3. the second hour - 5,40 zł
  4. the third hour - 6,40 zł
  5. the fourth and next hours - 4,50 zł

All-season metered parking streets from 9h to 22h:

A: A. Chmielewskiego, F. Kubacza, J. J. Haffnera (to F. Ceynowy), Królowej Jadwigi, Morska, M. Mokwy, A. Majkowskiego, J. Czyżewskiego, Obrońców Westerplatte, J. Winieckiego (to J. Goyki), Bałtycka, F. Ceynowy, Powstańców Warszawy (to F. Ceynowy).

B: Podjazd, Kolejowa, Marynarzy (from ul. Kolejowej to Al. Niepodległości), Dworcowa, T. Kościuszki (to ul. Władysława IV), Wł. Jagiełły, J. Sobieskiego (to F. Chopina), J. Bema, J. Fiszera, K. Pułaskiego, F. Chopina, A. Kordeckiego, Ogrodową, Piastów, Grunwaldzka (to F. Chopina), Parkowa (to A. Kordeckiego).

C: Parkowa (to A. Kordeckiego), B. Chrobrego (to Grunwaldzka) , M. Drzymały, R. Traugutta, J. Poniatowskiego, J. Kilińskiego, Na Wydmach, E. Plater (from Na Wymach to Plac Rybaków), Plac Rybaków, Grunwaldzka (to F. Chopina), an unnamed alley joining M. Drzymały and B. Chrobrego.

D: J. J. Haffnera (from F. Ceynowy), Helska, J. Goyki (to J. Winieckiego), W. Budzysza, Powstańców Warszawy (from F. Ceynowy), an unnamed yard joining J. Goyki and F. Ceynowy.

G: Bitwy pod Płowcami (to Polna), 3 Maja (to J. Sobieskiego), J. Dąbrowskiego, Kazimierza Wielkiego, Książąt Pomorskich, J. Sobieskiego (to B. Chrobrego), B. Chrobrego, Mieszka I.

F: Jana z Kolna (from the ramp downwards), Rzemieślnicza.

J: Polna (from Bitwy pod Płowcami to E. Plater), Bitwy pod Płowcami (from Polna to city limits), an alley joining Bitwy pod Płowcami and Wojska Polskiego, Hestii, E. Plater (from Polna to Wojska Polskiego).

All-day metered parking streets from 15th April to 15th October:

E: S. Moniuszki (to the fork to Opera Hotel), 1 Maja.

Metered parking streets from 1st June to 30th September from 9h to 20h:

D¹: J. Winieckiego (from J. Goyki to W. Budzysza).

H: Polna (from W. Łokietka to Bitwy pod Płowcami), B. Joselewicza.

In the Roads and Grounds Authority parking badges for longer periods may be purchased. Their prices start from 150zł for 14-day period.

Citizens of Sopot are entitled to a free parking badge for one vehicle in one zone of the metered parking area. A free badge may be obtained in the Municipal Guard Office.

Application for free parking badge

Underground parking lots

There are 4 underground parking lots in the centre. The current number of free space is displayed on informatory road signs and on the Tristar site. 3 parking facilities have been located near the pier:

  • "Centrum":
  • Apcoa Parking Polska Sp. z o.o. - Bohaterów Monte Cassino 63 (entrance from Królowej Jadwigi 2)
  • Sheraton Sopot - Powstańców Warszawy 6
  • NDI Property Sp. z o.o. - Powstańców Warszawy 19, tel. +48 58 771-77-91 (entrance from Majkowskiego 10)

Parking fee charged there is around 6zł/h. The fourth parking facility is located under Dworcowa St:

  • "Dworzec":
  • BGI sp. z o.o. - Kościuszki 14, tel. +48 500 118 136

Shuttle bus from park and ride lot

In summer months, July and August, an electric convertible shuttle bus operates from the free parking in the outskirts of Sopot, by the Ergo Arena hall. From this incentive car parking visitors may get to the centre by an electric convertible bus that runs every 20 minutes. Buses taking up to 14 pax run 7 days a week from 10am till 8pm. They stop along Grunwaldzka Street (along the beach in the centre) and in the centre, a short walk from the train station (at the Konstytucji Sq., in front of the building at 16 Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street). A single ticket for the entire line costs 3zł and may only be purchased onboard. Children with valid student id card can travel free of charge.

Buses timetable