How to arrive from the airport?

The Lech Wałęsa Airport (EPGD, GDN) in Gdańsk is about 10 km (6 miles) from the centre of Sopot. From the airport one can get to Sopot by train (usually with one change on the way) and more frequently by bus (directly or with an interchange).

Trains from the airport to Sopot

From the second floor of the passenger terminal one may pass directly to the train station Gdansk Port lotniczy and arrive to Sopot by PKM train changing at the station Gdansk Wrzeszcz. The trains labelled S6 go directly to Sopot, while the S9 and S10 require to change trains. The whole travel takes about 40 minutes, the ticket costs 6,50zł When changing at Gdansk Wrzeszcz or Gdynia Główna remember to change platforms.

Trains timetable:


On the exit from the terminal, the bus bays are directly in front, behind the train viaduct. The buses from the airport reach the train station in Gdańsk Główny: line 210, and Gdańsk Wrzeszcz: line 110. It takes about half an hour to get to these station and the buses run twice an hour from 5am till 11am. From both these stations one may get to Sopot by train, the journey takes another 20 minutes.

Bus timetables:

As the line 210 joins several train station it's sensible to make sure you are in a bus going in the right direction

The line 122 is a direct bus to Sopot from the Lech Wałęsa Airport in Gdańsk. It runs once an hour and the journey takes about an hour.

A bus ticket costs 3,20zł and is available from a dispensing machine at the bus stop and on the bus board. An one hour ticket at the driver's costs 3,80zł.

From 11pm to 5am a night bus line N3 runs to train stations in Gdańsk Główny and Gdańsk Wrzeszcz.

  • Night bus N3 Gdańsk Wrzeszcz an SKM train to Sopot
  • Night bus N3 dworzec Gdańsk Główny an SKM train to Sopot

A night bus ticket costs 4,20zł and is available from a dispensing machine at the bus stop. An one hour ticket at driver's costs 4,80zł.

To other cities within the region one may get by private bus connections published on the airport website.

Taxi from the airport to Sopot

A taxi cab ride from the airport to Sopot takes about half an hour and usually costs about 80zł (20€). The only cab company licensed by the airport is Neptun Taxi.